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Flying Dollars!!!


To View our Contest Page go to this link

Also has Tabs on Bottom for Withdraw, Contest Winners on Bottom


Flying Dollars Is A Series of 1 X 2 and 1X3, Straight Line Matrices That You Can Enter And Earn Money From As You Cycle Out.


So everyone understands how a straight line matrix works, every 2 or 3 that join and purchase a position, it moves the one on top to the next level (cycles). The more positions you have the more you will cycle. There is no limit on how many you may have. You may join one matrix or join them all! It's completely up to you.

Funds Tight? We Got You Covered!

You Can Join Our New Feeder For The Incredible Low Cost Of Just $1.50.

Lets Take A Look At Your Road Map To Success!

Pocket Change  (FEEDER)

Cost: $1.50  To Join - $.50  Admin Fee

1 x 5 - 1 Levels

Pocket Change  - (FEEDER)

Part of Admin fee helps with our Contest

Details Below

When you cycle you go into 

Flying Dollars

It is a combinations of 1x2 and 1x3

5 Levels

You can earn and withdraw starting at 2nd Level

Flying Dollars

Is 5 Levels a combinations of 1x2 and 1x3

This is how it works

Flying Dollars 1

Fee to join is $4

$3 x3 = $9

Sponsor Bonus .25

Flying Dollars 2


Cash Wallet $4

Sponsor Bonus $1

1 Pocket Change $1.50

Flying Dollars 3


$7 Cash Wallet

Sponsor Bonus $3

     Flying Dollars 4


$15 Cash Wallet

Sponsor Bonus $5

Flying Dollars 5


Sponsor Bonus $20

Cash Wallet $60





Do you have a hard time to log in each day
We have you covered

Check out our Subscriptions
To get your Pocket Change
Each Day
Right now it is at 1 a day
But my programmer is updating site where you can do for 30 Days

Best way is to make a Deposit in your account
So you have the funds in your account and it is on Auto Pilot


I'm Absolutely DRUNK With Excitement!

We have a Great contest on a spreadsheet

You can view as members purchase the Pocket Change

With Fantastic Prizes

Can view it here

Every 300 Pocket Change Purchased

6 Winners

Our contest is going to be GREAT

First prize - $100.

Second prize - $50.

Third prize - $25.

Fourth prize - $15.

Fifth prize - $5.

Sixth prize - $5

Sponsor Bonus

Flying Dollars 1

Sponsor Bonus .25

Flying Dollar 2

Sponsor Bonus $1

Flying Dollar 3

Sponsor Bonus $3

Flying Dollar 4

Sponsor Bonus $5

Flying Dollar 5

Sponsor Bonus $20